The Kid

by Christian Matthew

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An American boy
Brought up with American dreams
An insatiable mind
No time for being 17

An' he can't help but feel like his whole life has been a lie
'Cause all the things that he's supposed to want left him unsatisfied
Ya know, he never had a taste for grades or sports or getting chicks
"And I can't stand the thought of four more years of 'this...'

Plus I'm tired of being seen as just a kid."

An American boy
Fed up with American dreams
An insatiable mind
So tired of being 17

So he dropped out an' forgot about the life he couldn't stand
Started listenin' to Crass and drawing X's on his hands
Well now, Baby He's An Anarchist with heart and soul to give
And those songs became the words by which he lived

And he'll show 'em all that he ain't just a kid.

"The future is unwritten"
He believes in St. Joe Strummer
Baptized by blues of Husker Du
One 'Celebrated Summer'
Now 'In My Eyes,' this 'Steppin' Stone'
Became a Minor Threat
And Dr. Know showed just how low
A punk could fucking get
An' so he found some liquid courage
In the form of gasoline
Torched the walls of his city hall
Said "You don't speak for me!"
And as he stood before the judge
Content with what he did
He said "No bail- have fun in jail,
Ya stupid fucking kid."


released March 29, 2016
Written, performed, and recorded by Christian Matthew Kalweit



all rights reserved


Christian Matthew Elmira, New York

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