Cigs EP

by Christian Matthew

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released September 22, 2015



all rights reserved


Christian Matthew Elmira, New York

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Track Name: Punk Rock Scenes
Leather boots and torn up jeans
Cut up, fucked up livin' mean
Can't pay the rent with stupid dreams
What's the sense in starting punk rock scenes?

"For Christ's sakes son, you're twenty-three.
So drop the act and be like me.
You'll find that life is sweet routine.
If you'd forget about that punk rock scene."

Reckless, drunk, loud and obscene
Well, it's like four chords wrapped in ecstasy
So fuck your house and your limousine
'Cause my hearts within this punk rock scene.

If there's one cliche that's stuck with me
It's 'Never cut out on your dream.'
But life is short, and so it seems
That I'll die beside my punk rock scene.
Track Name: Joyride
In no shape for drivin'
We're fast-lane survivin'
Let's go for a joyride
Come cruise along the Northside
With me

Empties on the dashboard
A spot check- let's detour
The night's still young, just 12 o'clock,
Come cruise along these shitty blocks
With me

So turn up The Steady now
Yea, she's so ready now
She loves the sound of 'Magazines'
But hates that fucking college scene
Like me

So now its 90 on the freeway
Man, it feels just like a runway
Well baby now's our time to fly
Won't you come along and ride this high
With me
Come along with me

I see that trooper comin'
But keep the engine runnin'
Baby, just stay true and then
I should be out in eight to ten
Track Name: Cigs
How she got in
I still don't know
Must've climbed through
My bathroom window
She rolls over
Her feet are so cold
She keeps her cigarettes
Under my pillow

She steals my whisky
Wears all my clean clothes
Wishes I looked more like
Marlon Brando
She takes her life fast
I take these things slow
She keeps her cigarettes
Under my pillow

She says "I'm leavin'
For San Fransisco.
Won't ya join me
out on the West Coast?
I'll be stoppin'
Halfway in Tahoe.
Just grab those cigarettes
From under your pillow."

She said "I'd really love to see you
If you're not busy
Reminisce about the good times
We spent outside The City
I guess to tell the truth of it
I've got no place to go
I miss keeping' my cigarettes
Under your pillow."

If we're both being honest-
I'd really love to see you too
And if we're both being honest-
Not a day that I don't think of you
I guess I better come clean
Because I smoked all of your cigarettes
They seemed to help to pass the time
I had to myself, when you left.
Track Name: The Lighter Side of Tragedy
She wakes up on a bedroom floor
Still messed up from the night before
And now she's tearing out the dresser drawers
'Cause she can't find what she's looking for

And I come back to find she's gone
The house is dark but the TV's on
And the radio keeps playing the same old song
It goes....... in between the static goes........

She called one night from Tennessee
Beggin' me "Oh baby, please.
I know since then that I lost touch
But I never lost faith or trust
And I'm not sure where I'm supposed to go
From here."
Well I wouldn't say that I gave up
But I knew you'd never care enough
So I'm not sure what from me
You want to hear

She said "If you'd just say three words to me
Tell me who I'm meant to be
That it would open up my eyes so I could see
The lighter side of my tragedy."
Track Name: See You There [Cigs II]
If we're both being honest-
I'd really love to see you too
And if we're both being honest-
There's not a day that I don't think of you
But I gotta come clean-
I smoked all of your cigarettes
They helped me to forget the reasons
why you left

She said "I don't have an answer.
I guess I'm not sure what to say.
But that town was a cancer,
And I just had to get away.
That's why i quit the drinks,
And why I ditched the cigarettes
But maybe we could split a pack
if you come out West.

So he grabbed an old guitar
And a book of sounds
Got a tattoo of a flag turned upside down
A suitcase full of word's
That his brother lent him
Back in Chicago
Sold all the 45's
That weighed him down
Used the cash to hop a train and skip this town
And he set out for a new life
With an old flame
Out on the West Coast.